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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning based solutions for unstructured data issues

Trade reconstruction and reconciliation

  • Trade matching from paper confirmation
  • Deal checks to flag potential errors during deal capture
  • Workflow automation from unstructured input (emails, chat, hard copy documents)

Trade Finance Document extraction

  • Automate checking of consistency, Industry (International Chamber of Commerce) rules against submitted documents
  • Natural language processing to apply case specific rules from Letters of Credit (Tag 46 and 47 rules)

Benchmark rate replacement

  • Scanning of Letters of Offer / Facility Agreements across products
  • Classification according to availability of fall back clauses
  • Feedback into renegotiation process

Financial data extraction

  • Extraction of financial data from private companies (IFRS and GAAP) using OCR
  • Granular information from Notes to financial statements
  • Classification into a chart of accounts to feed credit forecasting / covenant tracking
  • Export into XBLR format for integration
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