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Multi-Channel Strategies

Banks who needed to engineer an end-to-end digitised experience for their customers have led Finmechanics to develop FM Connect. For Finmechanics, multi-channel is not a mere technology achievement, it is also about practicality, usability, connectivity. FM Connect can bring on a bank portal a breadth of instruments across asset classes, either engineered by the bank itself or proposed through multi-channel execution venues of other banks or execution center. Doing so, our clients have an opportunity to become a one-stop provider of liquidity, investments, treasury solution, with a single integration point, and in full compliance with global regulatory imperatives, such as Mifid or Priips.

The capabilities provided by Finmechanics Solutions and integration works are available to banks’ clients online, or on mobile devices. They will be particularly appealing to a generation of clients who prefer to interact remotely with their banks.

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Multi Channel Strategies