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About FinMechanics

Headquartered in Singapore,  FINMECHANICS provides software solutions and services to global Investment Banks, Regional and Commercial Banks, Asset Managers, Central Banks, Foreign Exchange services, Precious Metal dealers and Corporate Treasuries.

The Finance Industry needs to transform their cost structures, mutualise their assets and address present and future innovation challenges.

FINMECHANICS does this with a
micro service architecture, agility and empathy. Our combination of new generation technology, agile squads and client focused policies is the way forward for cutting edge institutions.

What We Do

Designed for the world’s leading market makers, FINMECHANICS builds the post-crisis trade pricing, processing and risk management platforms that allow banks to build innovative client strategies, meet their present and future regulatory imperatives and transform their cost structure.

FINMECHANICS delivers advisory and IT services, such as IFRS or FRTB compliance, Solution Design, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain applied to financial institutions. Our expert consultants work in all areas of a bank’s treasury – including quantitative analysis, data management, trading and order processing, risk management, settlement, payment and accounting.

Our People

We are an open, flat, zero bureaucracy organization. We believe in hiring the best talent and empowering them to perform. We are trusting and expect to be trusted. We believe in continuous learning, experimenting, and regular feedback. We are nimble footed and believe that corporate adaptability is a necessary trait in today’s fast-changing world.

We believe in looking at our jobs less as a job and more as an expression of our capability and creativity. We believe that long-term success does not come from shortcuts and are willing to walk the necessary extra mile to reach there while enjoying the journey.

FinMechanics Team


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